From this day forward, the name of this corporation is so called Ohio Appaloosa Association (OAA), shall be maintained in the state of Ohio with an address posted on the OAA website that  may be changed from time to time by the Board of Directors.


Our goals and purposes for which the OHIO Appaloosa Association is organized are:

  1. Promote the Appaloosa horse at the regional level and bring new members into the Appaloosa industry.
  2. To work within the ApHC rules and regulations.
  3. Promote family gathering and fellowship.
  4. Promote youth interest & involvement in the Appaloosa community.
  5. Promote multi-discipline horsemanship.

Subject to restrictions set forth in these OAA Articles of Incorporation which will allow OAA to engage in other lawful activities, none of which shall be for profit in the state of Ohio per non-profit corporation laws.


The affairs of the OAA shall be managed by its Board of Directors.  For our purposes, the Board of Directors will be our officers plus three directors.  The Board of Directors shall be elected to a one year term by the members at our annual meeting of the OAA to be held on the first meeting in January as the by-laws shall provide, and will hold office for that year.  Only active members of OAA in good standing will be able to vote in any elections.  The OAA may, in its by-laws, confer powers upon its Board of Directors, in addition to the foregoing.   This will allow us, the OAA, to add to responsibilities in our by-laws.


Any amendment, re-statement, or alteration of these Articles of Incorporation adapted in accordance with the procedures and other provisions set forth in the state of Ohio, Non-Profit Corporation Law, shall be submitted to the members of the OAA, in good standing, for approval by means of mail ballot, and shall not be approved effective unless approved by at least a 2/3 majority of the votes submitted.  As the state of Ohio revises the Ohio State non-Profit Code, the OAA will comply with any and all changes to be incorporated as needed.



ARTICLE I – Purpose and Goals of Ohio Appaloosa Association

  1. Promote the Appaloosa horse at the regional level and bring members into the Appaloosa industry.
  2. To work within the ApHC rules and regulations.
  3. Promote family gathering and fellowship.
  4. Promote youth interests & involvement to the Appaloosa community.
  5. Promote multi-disciplined horsemanship.

ARTICLE II – Members

1. There can be three classifications of members
a.   Individual adult at $20.00 per year, 19 years and older.
b.   Youth at $15.00 per year, 18 years and younger.
c.   Family at $25.00 per year, all members under 18 years of age

Youth are defined as being 18 years of age and under as of January 1 of current calendar year.  Family is defined as members living in same home or out of home, 18 years or younger, for biological children.
    Voting Rights
        a.  All paid members above the age of 18 and in good standing with the OAA shall have the right to cast votes on any subject at any meeting.  Individual memberships are entitled to one vote.  Family memberships are entitled to a maximum of two votes.  Voters must be 18 years of age or older.
    Non-Transferable Memberships
a.  The memberships in the OAA are non-transferable.  Any attempt to transfer shall immediately void the membership and will relieve the club of any and all obligations to refund any dues paid.
    Due Process
a.   Members misusing or abusing their privileges of the membership will have their membership revoked after an appropriate hearing of the club and the Board of Directors.
b.   Membership termination
           (1) Resignation
(2) Default in payment of dues before January 30
           (3) Members in arrears 60 days shall be deemed to be delinquent and could be dropped from the membership
(4) Any act that has been committed against officers, directors, or other members that disrupts or  is  detrimental to the harmony of the club 
c.   Suspension
            (1) Any member who shall be brought before the Board of Directors for suspension, shall be given notice and a hearing date set, giving said individual the opportunity to present a case.  After careful consideration, the board of Directors will make a decision.

5.    Reinstatement
a.   A member may, upon application, be reinstated at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
    Member Obligations
a.   Members are encouraged to serve on such committees, panels, or work groups as necessary to support the club’s functions.

7.    Year End Awards
All paid members of the OAA are eligible to earn year-end awards presented by the club.    This also includes representing the OAA at the World Championship Appaloosa Show as recorded in the club’s point system.


  1.  The annual meeting shall be in January and voted on the date of the month by the membership.
  2. Special Meetings
    A special meeting may be called for at any time by the membership or the Board of Directors or any member in good standing.
  3. Notice of Meeting
            a.   OAA meetings will be a minimum of 6 meetings a year, or more as needed, up to 12 meetings a year except for emergency special meetings and they shall be called by the Board of Directors or the President as necessary.
  4. Quorum
    a.   A quorum shall be deemed as 2/3 of majority vote of Board of Directors or committees involved in the decisions concerning the club.
  5.  Voting Rights
    a.   Any member in good standing with the OAA will have the right to cast a single vote.  Any family membership shall have the right to cast a maximum of two votes providing they are over 18 years of age.  Proxy votes will be allowed with a notarized, signed letter from said member.
    b.  New members must belong 30 days once membership fees have been paid before voting
  6.   Manner of Acting
    a.   All decisions will be voted on and deemed final with a majority of votes cast.ARTICLE IV – BOARD OF DIRECTORS ELECTION

     1.    At the annual meeting of the members, seven Board Members will be elected for the purpose of the OAA, which are four officers plus three directors will be deemed the Board of Directors.
    a.  Board of directors may be elected from the same family except the President and Treasurer shall not be of immediate relation.
        In the event of death or written resignation, or refusal to serve on the Board of Directors, these vacancies shall be filled by the membership.  A vacancy will be filled through the election process at the next scheduled business meeting.ARTICLE V – BOARD OF DIRECTORS GENERAL POWERS1.    The Board of Directors shall define the policies of the OAA and shall have administrative directions and management of the association.

    2.    Numbers and Tenure
    a.  We would have three directors with one-year terms.  Same may be re-elected.

    3.    Officers
           a.   The president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer shall be chosen from the membership and all being one-year terms.


1.    President
      a.  He/she shall be chief executive officer.  He/she shall, in general, supervise the business and affairs of the club.  He/she shall preside at all meetings of the members of the Board of Directors.  He/she will co-sign the club’s bank accounts with the treasurer and all checks.  In general, he/she will perform such duties as may be deemed fit by the membership and the Board of Directors.
b.  He/she has the authority to appoint an alternate for the absence of any elected board member. Appointments will not change the requirement for a quorum

2.   Vice-President
        a.   In the absence of the president, or in the event of his/her inability or refusal to act, the vice-president shall perform the duties of the president, and when in so acting shall have all the powers of and be subject to all restrictions upon the president.  He/she shall perform such duties as from time to time as may be assigned to him/her by the president or board of directors.  It shall also be his/her responsibility to supervise committees, attend their meetings, and furnish a report on their activities when requested by the president.
        b.  He/she shall have the power to delegate a person/s to assist in these duties.
3.    Treasurer

a.   The treasurer shall keep an accurate record of the books and accounts, and shall deposit all club funds in such bank or banks as may be approved by the Board of Directors.  Such money shall only be withdrawn by check and co-signed by the treasurer and the president.  The Board of Directors prior to payment must approve all disbursements.  A final report shall be given to members at the membership meeting.  The club’s books shall be audited annually by a minimum of a three-member committee appointed by the Board of Directors, committee to be comprised of one director and two members of the club in good standing.  The treasurer shall be bonded if the account exceeds $10,000.
4.   Secretary

        a.   The secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and of the members, and books provided for that purpose, see that all notices are given in accordance with the provisions of these by-laws, and be custodian of the corporate records.
        b.   The secretary shall be assigned to other duties and functions as designated by the president.


1.   The members of committees shall be members in good standing of the club.  The President shall appoint a chairperson to such committees as they deem necessary.

2.   Term of a Committee
a.  The term for any position of a committee member is one year unless the committee is terminated sooner.

3.   Point Keeper
a.   The club may provide a point system for all horses in the various show categories.  All high point winners are to be given year-end awards at the awards banquet or annual meeting.  The point keeper will keep accurate tabulations of the points and report the standings periodically in the newsletter, and will handle the distribution of the World Championship Appaloosa Show entry forms.  These records may be audited each year.
    Newsletter Editor
a.   The newsletter is the main communications link.  It will be published and distributed to the membership periodically throughout the year.  It should publish minutes and corrections of all meetings, club news, and activities.  The regional newsletter may not be used as a disclaimer to any editorial material that in any way fails to promote or cooperate with the Appaloosa Horse Club Articles, By-laws, and Rules.

5.    Nominating Committee
        a.    A nominating committee may not have more than two board members on the committee at one time and shall meet for the purpose and recommendation of the directors and these recommendations will be presented to the membership at the monthly meeting prior to election.  Nominations may be made from the floor.

6. Membership

  1. This person will keep track of all membership information, dues and distributing membership cards to all paid members.
  2. Information about the club will be sent to any persons inquiring about joining.
  3. Update all officers on current information and changes
  4. Maintain a current club directory
  5. Youth
  6. Show
  7. Trail Riding
  8. By laws
  9. Fundraising
  10. Scrapbook/ Historian
  11. Awards/Banquet
  12. Website
  13. Budget/Finance


1.     All members shall be in accordance with the Roberts’ Rules of Order and the by-laws provided by our club.
 The order of business of the membership meetings shall be as follows:
a.   Roll call of directors and officers and noting of absentees
b.   Reading and approval of minutes from previous meeting
c.   Treasurer’s report on all receipts and disbursements since previous meeting
d.   Acting on new membership applications
        e.   Approval of bills, communications, etc.
f.    Reports from committees
        g.   Unfinished business
        h.   New business
i.    Election of Directors – any vacancies throughout the year
        j.    Being no other business, adjournment.